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Monday, 26 September 2011

Getting Coverage- part two

In an effort to clarify some points on my last post, I need to explain a few things.
Please note that Car Rental Agencies do not offer " insurance" per se, its a Loss damage waiver or ( LDW). You are paying for the privilege to pay a deductible of a maximum amount of money ie $500, in the event that an accident occurs.

If you get into an accident and total the car, the most you would be responsible for paying is the $500 deductible.

That being said, you are still responsible for your own liability coverage in event of the destruction of property or personal damage. Some car rental companies offer additional liability or personal accident insurance coverage on top of the damage collision waiver . Kind of like buying a temporary mini insurance policy. This covers medical costs and/or accidental death.  This is something to note when pursuing a car rental agency. If you are person who is not covered for liability through your own car insurance or credit card, this is something you might want to speak to the rental agency about.


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